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tv   Today  NBC  February 28, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ we are back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, the last day of february, 2011. the morning after hollywood's biggest party of the year. let the monday morning quarterbacking begin. we'll check out the red carpet trends and the hits and misses from the gowns to the hair to the awards handed out. there were awards handed out. >> exactly. >> inside studio 1a in new york i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. meredith and al are in los angeles where they have been soaking up the atmosphere.
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good morning. >> hey. >> soaking up a lot of other stuff. >> exactly. you really haven't gone to sleep. >> i had a 45-minute nap. but i tell you, it was fun. >> it was a great night. big night in hollywood. natalie portman, colin firth took home the oscars for best performances. "the king's speech" wrapped up the royal hat trick grabbing best original screenplay, director and best picture. going to take a look at those who went home with the gold who mayle still be out partying for all we know. >> that's right. and the winners of the red carpet. a lot of stars kept it elegant and simple when it came to gowns, accessories and hair. we'll see what the critics thought. >> we'll check in with you in a second. we'll have more including more of the revealing conversation with charlie sheen. >> just when we thought he couldn't shock more, this morning his first morning interview since production stopped for his show. he says he's done with the drugs and is at war with the people
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who shut down his show. he talks about why he thinks he deserves an apology. >> and a raise. >> i'm tired of pretending i'm not pitching a total freaking rock star from mars. people can't process me. i don't expect them to. you can't process me with a normal brain. >> i'm still trying to process him. >> he sounds like you. >> i want $3 million an episode, too. go, charlie. >> more on the interview coming up. first over to the news desk. ann, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. in the news, the european union was prepared today to announce new sanctions against libyan leader moammar gadhafi including an arms embargo and a freeze on assets. european diplomats are meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton in geneva. she says it is time for moammar gadhafi to step down. video has emerged showing one of his sons urging his father's supporters to resist the popular
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uprising now in its second week. dozens of homes and tens of thousands of acres in texas have been scorched by sweeping wildfires. an eight-vehicle pile-up sunday killed a 5-year-old girl is being blamed on poor visibility from the heavy black smoke. the 22-year-old woman who ran a home daycare center in houston where a blaze last week killed four children will now be charged with at least one charge of reckless injury to a child. the standoff in wisconsin is still going on this morning as police allowed protesters to spend another night in the rotunda of the capitol. the protesters are fighting to protect collective bargaining rights for unions. a new study in the american journal of preventative medicine may bolster your child's pleas to bring home a puppy. teens with dogs got more exercise than their countparts without pooches. and in brazil a little exercise in the form of a costume parade on sunday. the event is part of the lead-up
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to carnivale this weekend. even a rooster got in on the fun. and "gnomeo & juliet" came in first at the box office this weekend followed by hall pass and unknown. >> it's one of the weekends where people were seeing the movies for the academy awards they hadn't seen. >> probably a big jump next weekend. >> ann, thanks. now to los angeles for a check of the weather. al? >> hey, guys. as we look at this weekend on saturday there was snow in burbank. folks were going nuts. now we have severe weather in the southeast and midatlantic states. severe thunderstorm watches from mississippi all the way up into western pennsylvania through this afternoon as a system makes its way to the east bringing in warm air ahead of it. coldle air behind.
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we have flood watches from missouri all the way to massachusetts. one to three inches of rain from nashville to beckley, west virginia. half an inch to an inch of rain to new york city. icy in boston today. >> all kinds of weather during the day to day. maybe some sunshine that ron contribute thunderstorms this afternoon severe weather possible. and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> all right, al. thank you. today at the oscars, the red carpet round-up. hollywood's best and most
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beautiful sashayed down the red carpet. al had the front row seat to the fashion. >> i sure did. the weather may have been on the cool side in l.a. last night, but a lot of celebrities brought the hotness with their sizzling looks. ♪ al, my man! al roker! this is so cool. >> this must be a dream come true. >> it's beyond a dream come true.
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your bustle is fantastic. >> my bum is big. >> there is nothing worse than someone stepping on your train. you have had it happen? >> never. ♪ >> who are you wearing tonight? >> i'm wearing a tuxedo. ♪ >> i can run but i can't hide. >> you can't hide. how do you feel? >> very grateful to you guys. i hear you have been cheering from the beginning. >> from where i was standing, there were a lot of hits and only a few misses. >> yeah.
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i really can't say there were too many misses, al. with us now with more on the oscar night trends we are joined by "today" and "us weekly"'s jill martin. an t jonathan antin is a hair stylist. you think it was respectful? >> right. this isn't the golden globes where you show up and it's a party. this is the hugest night in hollywood. there were a lot of hits and few misses. it was elegant, bold. i thought it was just beautiful. >> jonathan, you also felt everything was a win? >> i thought everyone really looked great. everyone really stepped up to the plate. you know, especially compared to the globes, everybody looked classic, beautiful and timeless. great hair. >> let's talk about the trends you saw. a lot of sparkle. a lot of sequins. we saw pales, reds. what did you think of the trends last night? >> well, first of all, a lot of metallic. gwyneth paltrow in calvin klein,
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absolutely gorgeous. she was my best dressed of the night. >> great hair. >> and hilary swank. >> feathers. i guess the "black swan" trend. >> i didn't love that but hailee steinfeld drew her dream dress and marchesa made it. a huge hit. we saw sequins but it was understated in nudes. at the golden globes it was bold color. angelina jolie wore that green gown. this was more understated. >> the big hits of the night, halle berry is -- >> always beautiful. >> this dress seemed like she was coming out of the clouds. it was stunning. >> she was beautiful in the nude sequinned dress from marchesa. very simple. very minimal jewelry. i thought it was interesting. you see just the drop earrings on her. everyone in almost a million dollars worth of jewelry but it was understated. >> jonathan, wearing the pixie cut. >> her hair is incredible.
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last time we talked about needing to throw in a weave but i love it short. no one wears short hair like halle berry. >> let's look at hailee steinfeld. you thought for a 14-year-old, completely age appropriate and stunning. you said marchesa was the designer? >> she drew the dress. >> designed it herself. >> she was so well spoken, looked like a princess. it was totally age appropriate. >> she looks 14. >> and she looked like a princess in the tea length dress. >> her hair was incredible. just that classic. >> chignon. >> just a back bun, really simple. not over -- upstaging anyone or overplaying it. just young and beautiful. >> i love the length of the dress. so age appropriate as well. let's lk about jennifer lawrence, speaking of age appropriate as well. young 20-year-old. just very simple but completely stole the red carpet. >> the hottest hair of the
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night. i mean such great -- i always say babed out. she had the beautiful long babed out hair. i loved it. she looked incredible. >> "baywatch" babe in the calvin klein dress and she came early. she didn't want to be upstaged by the bigger stars. but a lot of people are critical of the dress saying it was so simple. she looked so elegant. >> you don't need anything more with a beautiful girl. >> she was unbelievable. >> everything's cool. >> the future of hollywood. let's look at them. both nominated and incredible talent and gorgeous on top of that. amy adams. you loved the look? the hair, jonathan? >> she does this pretty regularly. these sort of loose veronica lake-style finger waves. it works with her hair color. i think it's a great look on her. i'm a fan of the classic finger wave, especially at the oscars. >> i love the dress, but i
9:12 am
didn't love it with the necklace. beautiful dress, beautiful necklace. that navy sequinned dress but i thought it was too much. >> competing a bit. then we have sandra bullock in the beautiful bright red. what did you think? >> old hollywood. red lipstick. >> lots of red on the red carpet. >> that was the trend of the night. she's just beautiful but said, "i'm freezing." it was cold. she looked beautiful in red. >> her face looked great, her hair. clean, back and tight. she just really looked sharp and together. >> old hollywood. >> you know, natalie portman stole the award last night as everyone expected she would. how did she do when it came to the dress. rodarte designed for "black swan." >> everyone asked who she would wear and that was a tribute to the film. the dress is really a maternity dress, with the empire waist. she's due in june but said on
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the red carpet i'm ready to go home, put my feet up. >> put on the sweat pants. >> she's done at this point. i thought she was beautiful. >> the oscar for best hair and best overall look was natalie portman's style. >> and a beautiful speech as well. >> i loved the way it was pulled back on one side with her beautiful earring matching the dress. full on the other side. >> we're not done yet. jill martin and jonathan antin stand by. more next half hour on the least favorite and superlatives you will hand out as well. coming up next, charlie sheen on his drug use, his two girlfriends he calls goddesses and why he's at war with the show's producer coming up after this.
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him. good morning. >> good morning. i sat down with charlie sheen, met his twin boys and his new girlfriends -- that's right, two of them. he calls them goddesses. they live under the same roof with him. we talked about his drug abuse, plans to stay clean and what kind of example he says he's setting for his kids. >> the first question america wants to know, where you clean right now? >> look at me, duh, drug tests don't lie. >> reporter: when was the last time you did drugs? >> i don't know. score board doesn't lie. >> reporter: you said you cured yourself. >> yes. >> reporter: how have you done that? >> i closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind. >> reporter: you went to rehab. first of all, you did in-home
9:17 am
rehab. what is that first of all? >> we couldn't call it rehab so it was a crisis management center that we labeled it the sober valley lodge. well, yeah. your house? uldn't allow a.a. to we contaminate it. as a result, its primarily client achieved radical success. >> reporter: you told me you want to rededicate yourself now to being a dad. >> sure. >> reporter: are you embarrassed that your children will read about this one day? >> god no. talk about an education. this, this is our dad and we can get the answers and the truth? wow. winning. that's how you perceive it. >> reporter: until last month sheen was winning as the highest paid actor in tv. >> are you insane? >> reporter: making nearly $2 million an episode on the hit sit-com, "two and a half men." cbs halted production demanding charlie clean up his act. that's when sheen went on a rampage on the radio. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> i'm not thomas jefferson. he was a [ bleep ]. but i dare anyone to debate me
9:18 am
on things. debate me on a.a. right now. i had a disease? [ bleep ]. i cured it with my brain, with my mind. i'm cured. i'm done. >> reporter: cbs didn't see the humor and cancelled the season. you told me you're at war with them now. what's the war? >> the war is they are trying to destroy my family. so i take great umbridge with that. defeat is not an option. they picked a fight with a warlock. >> reporter: how are they trying to destroy your family? >> they are trying to take my money and leave me with no means to support my family. it's not rocket science. >> reporter: how do you plan on winning that war? >> with zeal, focus and violent hatred. you love or hate. you live in the middle you get nothing. >> reporter: didn't cbs have a right to shut the show down? they are reading about you partying atle all hours of the
9:19 am
night, taking drugs, abusing alcohol. it's their show. >> epic behavior. no. after reading about that they observed a guy hitting every mark, nailing every line, every joke with a full house screaming. >> reporter: ever miss a day of work? >> not a day that cost anybody any money. i missed practice. we're talking about practice. to quote the great alan iverson, practice. come on, guys, we're talking about practice. >> reporter: charlie sheen seems confident he'll stay sober without the written guidelines of a.a. but it's never come easy for him. a lot of fans are worried about your health. >> they can worry all their life. that's for amateurs. no, come on. i'm fine. i have always had a plan and executed it perfectly. sometimes i overshoot the mark. whatever. >> reporter: how do you avoid slipping into that again? >> i don't know. i just won't do it. i will not believe if i do
9:20 am
something i have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. people that aren't special. people that don't have tiger blood and adonis dna. >> reporter: strong people have relapsed, started using again. >> fools. trolls. weak. defeated. they allowed defeat to be an option. i will not. i'm not saying -- you know, i'm not saying i will never have a glass of champagne or wine again. i have no interest in cocaine. >> reporter: what's next for you? how do you convince a movie producer to take you back on the set after being let go from the sit-com on cbs? >> well, first of all, come wednesday morning they are going to rename it charlie brothers, not warner brothers. duh. winning. it's not convincing anybody. >> reporter: do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one, publically, while licking my feet. if people think i'm insane or what i'm saying isn't true, i have no interest in their
9:21 am
opinions. i really don't. i'm going to live my life, win inside every moment and they can just find the most comfortable chair in their small house and sit back and enjoy the show. >> charlie sheen speaking his mind. we reached out to cbs and chuck lorre for comment. didn't hear back from them. last week cbs and warner brothers said they were halting production based on sheen's, in their words, statements, conduct and condition. now tomorrow morning on "today" more of the conversation with charlie sheen. you will hear about his new live-in girlfriends and why he calls them the goddesses and what he's saying about martin sheen's advice about this. charlie's surprising reaction when his dad weighed in. that's tomorrow here on "today." >> thank you, jeff. coming up, a recap on who went home with the gold and talk about the big winners at the 83rd annual academy awards. first, these messages.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it will be a bumpy day once we get into the afternoon. scattered rain showers. by the time we get into the afternoon, thunderstorms, and some of them could be strong or severe. it will be quiet the next couple of days. high temperatures in the upper 40's and the 50's. this week, make pasta night more exciting for your family with a little help from the italian sausage experts: try... since 1945, this delicious italian sausage
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♪ it seems we can't help ourselves the morning after the academy awards. talking about who wore what, the good, the bad and the spectacular. we'll take a look at the critics' favorites and least favorites. we'll also go to al in a moment who spent time last night on the red carpet. i'm sure he'll weigh in. >> of course we'll look as well at the big winners of the night from colin firth to natalie portman and "the king's speech." who walked away with the little
9:31 am
gold man and who were the surprise upsets? we'll have a full wrap-up in case you couldn't stay up that late last night. it goes on for a long time. >> i watched the entire thing. al is in l.a. for a check of the weather. did you stay up for the entire thing, al? >> i did. >> then he partied after. >> i had to go to the vanity fair -- had to. they made me go. >> wow. >> it was so difficult. >> that's the best party, isn't it? what a rough life. >> the elton john party is good, too. it is. let's get to the weather, show you what's going on. we have been talking about the rough stuff we'll be seeing today in this midatlantic states and also down into the mid mississippi river valley. we have a strong risk there of isolated tornadoes, heavy thunderstorms and a lot of rain. rain in the pacific northwest. windy conditions. snow in the mountains there. for tomorrow, things clear out nicely and settle down for the day. we'll have showers still in northern california and the
9:32 am
pacific northwest. nothing too horrible. it will be mild from the southwest across the texas region into the gulf coast. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms in florida. cold arctic air from the plains across the great lakes into new england tomorrow. >> it is going to be a changeable day to day. we will start with fog and rain showers. thunderstorms possible this afternoon, severe weather late in the d and that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you very much. now to today's royal treatment. we're sending a lucky viewer and a guest, all expenses paid, to
9:33 am
england during the week of the royal wedding. let's look at one of the latest entries. >> i want to go to england to see them get wed. i got to excited i fell out of bed. just to see the queen riding in her carriage, wearing all the jewels to the royal marriage. philip will be there with his second wife. he has to live with her for the rest of his life. william and kate now, they have it all together. she looks good in any kind of weather. >> okay. well, the winner will get two first class tickets on british airways to london during the wedding of kate middleton and prince william. be sure to get out the video cameras. you have time left to create a video no more than two minutes long telling us why london is calling you. be creative. you have 60 days to find out who gets to go. for complete details head to coming up next, as we have been talking about all day long, the morning after. who's celebrating a big oscar win today? we'll have a full wrap-up from
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what comfort tastes like. back now with more of "today at the oscars" and a look at last night's big winners. those who walked away empty handed and the fresh-faced host. good to see you. >> good morning, al. >> thanks for staying up. before we get to the wib winners and losers let's talk about james franco and anne hathaway. >> i don't think it was a win. >> why? >> they are getting pretty beaten up around the internet. i think the problem was there was a real lack of chemistry there.
9:38 am
you wish that he had gone off and done some more taped pieces because he was so great in those. you wish she had sung a couple more songs because she was so great at those. but when you had them together i noticed this strange thing how he was wooden and would never look at her. >> mm-hmm. >> do you think it was their fault or the producers' fault for not playing to their strengths? >> i don't think you can put the blame on one person. you had talented hosts and producers. but they didn't play to their strengths. also, i don't think anne and james really managed to meld together and have good chemistry. >> boy, how about the explosion when billy crystal came on stage? >> people loved seeing him. i think it was a relief like, oh, here is somebody who knows how to entertain us live from a stage. people were actually hoping he would stick around longer. >> as far as the winners were concerned, everybody expected colin firth. everybody expected melissa leo, although wasn't there some kind
9:39 am
of backlash with melissa leo because she took out an ad? >> there was because during the campaign she took out her own trade ads for your consideration. people considered them tacky. i actually predicted friday that hailee steinfeld would win this category because best supporting actress is where you usually have an upset like that. melissa leo won a lot of previous awards and won this one. she gave a shocking speech. >> oh, yeah. she dropped the f-bomb. what about right before that with kirk douglas? what did you think of that? >> kirk douglas, i felt awkward for kirk douglas. i wish he had had somebody out there with him giving him support. the main thing is you were thrilled to see him out there having a good time. but i was also a little bit worried that he was going to make it through. >> how about christian bale's acceptance speech? >> i loved it. he seemed funny. he seemed self-effacing and
9:40 am
that's something you don't expect. he was deserving. i'm glad he won. >> and natalie portman seemed to be a lock. that wasn't a big surprise, was it? >> it was not a big surprise. the one possible upset might have been annette bening but certainly natalie portman was one of the many expected winners who did go on to win. i thought her acceptance speech was pretty amazing. she had obviously worked on it. it didn't exactly, you know, tug at you emotionally, but it was very proficient speech. she thanked everybody she needed to thank. especially after melissa leo you appreciated that natalie portman had worked on the speech and really tried to make a great moment at the oscars. she succeeded. >> another great moment, i think, was colin firth. >> he always gives good speeches. you know, he's self-deprecating with the dry british humor. all through awards season he's
9:41 am
been giving great speeches. >> same film, one of your favorite moments was one the speech-writer, the script-writer, david seidel won. >> he came out and he's 73, i believe. >> he stuttered as a child himself. >> came out, told the story. you know, mentioned that -- he had one of the best lines when he said, my father always said i would be a late bloomer. >> that was nice. of course "the king's speech" took home four major awards. there were a couple for "toy story," "alice in wonderland." can they expect a bump now? >> "the king's speech" will be in more theaters and will make more money. it's done well already. "black swan" on dvd soon. so the dvd releases of the movies still in theaters are going to do well. >> you know, the interesting thing is they decided to kind of
9:42 am
try to hit up the oscar awards. do you think they succeeded or they will make changes after this? >> i don't think they really succeeded. there were a lot of references to social media and texting and stuff like that. but then it was jarring because you would go to big screens of "gone with the wind" and a recording of bob hope. there was a real effort to marry the old and the new and maybe not enough effort to just put on a good show. >> at the end of the day, overall do you think it was a good show? >> i don't think it was a good show last night. i thought it was pretty boring. but it wasn't entirely -- again, the producers' fault. this year everything was so predicted. they had two hosts without great chemistry, but you don't know it going in. you compare it to last year. the thrill of sandra bullock's win, the great -- finally jeff bridges won an oscar.
9:43 am
the whole "the hurt locker" versus "avatar" thing. there were a lot of races that you were emotionally invested in last year. this year, sadly, the producers didn't have any of that to work with. just a lot of races that were very predictable. >> i think the answer -- two words. billy crystal. >> maybe so. >> all right. thank sos much. coming up next, who were the favorites to walk the red red carpet and who missed the mark? we'll have the details. the fashion experts weigh in after this. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain.
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we are back with more of "today" and more of the red carpet round-up. who had last night's sexiest style and who were the least favorites? >> we have jill martin and also jonathan antin, celebrity hair stylist. welcome back. we all stayed up too late to watch the entire thing.
9:47 am
>> bleary-eyed. >> it was good that color was on the red carpet. that was a major trend. red was the trend. >> i love it. it was very old hollywood and elegant. you saw a ton of red. you saw a ton of purple. this was reay bold because there was minimal jewelry to go with it. when you're wearing bold colors -- again, jennifer lawrence looking gorgeous here. you need to keep it simple. it made for an elegant, beautiful red carpet. >> speaking of an elegant red carpet anne hathaway made quite an entrance wearing her signature valentino red. beautiful. >> i love anne hathaway. let's go through the eight looks. valentino, westwood, ford, oscar dela renta, armani prive. >> a lot of work to keep her hair looking great through the whole night going up, down, up,
9:48 am
down, back, up, down. that's a lot of work. every hair style looked great. i loved them all. right here in the tux, i love the pony tail. >> this dress was off the hook. >> gwyneth paltrow had such a beautiful dress. you talked about it earlier. >> i want to say something though. i think too many people are knocking helena bonham carter. this is her style. and i like how she's in your face like, okay, you don't like me. this is what i wear. boo on you. it was a strong look. i know -- i'm saying it because i know jill has another opinion. >> i think she walks on the red carpet knowing people are going to say it. >> she's crazy. >> and i'm going to bash her. a costume designer made this. there are cutouts, a huge bustle. her hair was wild. >> it's crazy. she loves the look. >> she's a fantastic actress and she's like saying it's not about
9:49 am
the dress. it's about the movie. she's quoted as saying that an the red carpet. >> unfortunately hollywood sees the red carpet as about the fashion. >> i would like to see her hair down, natural. she's got frizzy, kinky, curly hair. leave it down. don't put it up in a huge big bee beehive. but she's cool. she goes with what she wants. >> this was an avant-garde look. >> you loved or hated this. i thought it was a dart board in the middle, beading, leather. she takes a risk. i didn't think there was a lot of misses, but this was. that's the look helena bonham carter goes for at least. >> with cate, when she walked on stage she was regal. there is a kind of, i'm not a little frilly thing message here. i am a strong woman. >> it was really about fashion.
9:50 am
this is a givenchy dress. it's beautifully designed. you're right. not a lot of people. >> it was a controversial dress. >> i love her hair long. to me that bowl cut is boring on her. but, again, she's cool. she's a great actress and she's got the edge. she does what she wants. >> marisa tomei. >> you know, it was a beautiful dress, but the dress was wearing her. it was a vintage charles james. i didn't think it was flattering on her. she's a beautiful woman. it was simple at the top and all of the sudden a huge train at the bottom. i just didn't love the dress. >> too much hair. for her, i think pull it back, show your pretty face. >> she hasn't aged at all. that's amazing. she looked the same when she won an oscar. >> it was too heavy on her face. i love her hair long, but pull it back. it would look great with the dress. >> great waistline there.
9:51 am
also scarlett johansson. wow. that dress was really -- >> gorgeous. >> -- on her. wow. impressive. >> she's such a beautiful woman. i feel like anything she wears she carries. i love the dress. i didn't love the hair. rolled out of bed. >> the hair was a big miss. they tried to do the textured broken wave and it just looked frizzy. but, again, i hate bashing her because she's -- >> she's scarlett johansson. >> she's cool. >> she's a goddess. >> let's hand out superlatives. overall sexiest. >> mila kunis. >> i'm with you. >> it was "black swan" inspired with the ballerina look. did you know she played the young angelina jolie in "gia." she'll be the bold statement. >> out of time. do you want to add to it? >> my overall sexiest was "black
9:52 am
swan" -- >> natalie portman. >> by far. she just won it. the academy award for best hair, makeup, best dress. >> now she can relax. >> thank you, guys, for joining us. >> it's fun to have you here. we'll be right back with more from los angeles and the 83rd annual academy awards. first, this is "today" on nbc. introducing a breath of fresh air.
9:53 am
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hoda and kathie lee are coming up and they want to talk oscars. >> all oscars. al is l.a. maybe he'll get some sleep but you have work to do still. >> that's right. back with kathie lee and hoda talking about the fashions and red carpet. who we saw and talked to. everybody was in a great mood
9:55 am
and came to play. >> thanks, al. we look forward to your report coming up. we'll be right back after your local news.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> as we head into the
9:58 am
afternoon, that it could turn a little bit monday. scattered showers until that time. into the evening, in line of thunderstorms move into the area and some could be strong or severe. high temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70. it will cool off in the next few days.
9:59 am
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